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Sundae Sermon started in 2008 with the idea to get friends together in Morningside Park on a summer Sunday and play music for the village of Harlem. Dj Stormin’ Norman would bring together his Dj friends to play everything classic, Disco, House, Hop Hop, Reggae, and just feel-good music! We brought in the community businesses showing our support for them and what they meant to Harlem. Over the years the congregation grew from 50 people to thousands in just a few years and had to move to St. Nicholas Park in 2012. Through the teen years, we had outstanding performances and then we hit 2020 and Covid. We kept it live on Twitch and Instagram and then went to the waterfront in Queens for a great day. We were back in Harlem after an amazing block party in 2022 and we’re running it back!
Sundae Sermon has been a free event for the community and supported through sponsorships from large and small businesses and donations for the congregation and we thank you. The equipment, security, permits, insurance, social media, advertising and all the amazing dj’s and performers that have graced the Sundae Sermon stage all cost, so we need your help.
With your help, the congregation can continue dancing under the sun!!
Much Love
Sundae Sermon Family
Good Music for Good People